Photo-A-Day: January 1st 2017

January 1st 2017

It seems I decided to move the photo series over to this blog after all! If you find my posts through our Facebook page this should make very little difference to you. Otherwise, well… the address is practically the same, right? Can’t be that hard to find us 😉

Joking aside, I realise some of you already follow both blogs, so thank you for that! I hope that by moving the photo posts over here I will make it easier for everyone. Someone who is only interested in my card posts can stick with reading over at The Joyful Soul Creates. People who like to read my rambling thoughts, whether in the thought-of-the-day or my photo posts, can find them here at The Joyful Soul. And of course if you want all of them, you can find them through our Facebook page or by following both sites.

Hopefully the transition is a smooth one!


Lady Joyful


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