In my last post I teased about being more successful in blogging this year than at first seems to be the case. I told you to watch this space for more information, so here it is!

The Joyful Soul is no longer my only blog. In fact I have several! Since the beginning of the year I’ve blogged over on The Joyful Soul Creates, where I’m doing a photo-a-day series as well as posting other photographs and creative writing (both fiction and poetry) for challenges. In fact there’s a lot going on at Creates, so do go and check it out.

Long time followers of my blog will no doubt remember the occasional recipe post that I would have on this blog. I decided to move those out into their own blog, which you can find under the name of The Joyful Soul Eats.

And of course I write weekly for Katzenworld, and I know some of my followers found me there first – greetings to you all!

These changes do not in any way mean that this blog will be closing down though. I fully intend to continue blogging here a couple of times a week about whatever rambling thoughts I come up with!

The new blogs allow me to focus more on particular interests, giving them their own home. Hopefully that will make it easier for you as readers. Rather than having to sift through my posts to find the ones you are interested in, you can just follow the particular blog that is relevant – for recipes go to Eats, for artistic creations look over on Creates, and for cat posts go to Katzenworld! (Although I may still write cat posts here from time to time too!)

And of course if you’re interested in all of them, you’re more than welcome to follow them all. I intend to make a Facebook page specifically for The Joyful Soul Blogs so that you can find them all in one place.

I have made myself a blogging schedule which hopefully will help me keep on top of posting. I know before I have, at times, been unreliable in that regard. Creates gets posts daily, with the Photo-A-Day but also has other posts several times a week. Eats at the moment will be getting posts every Friday, though I may increase that depending on how things go. This blog as I said above will get new posts twice a week – my current plan is for that to be every Tuesday and Thursday. And you can find me on Katzenworld on Sundays!

So that’s the announcement! Was it worth the wait? I do hope you’ll visit our other blogs and see what there is to see.


Lady Joyful

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