Photo-A-Day: July 18th 2017

This was the very last picture I got with out camera before it got broken. The boys and I saw two of these little beetles on our walk back from the park that day. They were together but far enough apart that I couldn’t get a good picture with both of them in it.

Photo-A-Day: July 17th 2017

Tomorrow is my first day back at work. I’m actually not looking forward to it. We had a lovely day out today including a trip to the cinema, but since we got home I’ve been having anxiety. Not about anything particularly specific, but I think it is stemming from the return to work. I know…

Photo-A-Day: July 16th 2017

Here’s another of the pictures that I was meant to share with you whilst we were in England. I took this picture quite a while ago whilst I was walking with Thing 1 one morning. He was interested in watching this bird hopping around on top of the pile of stones.

Photo-A-Day: July 15th 2017

I had every intention of putting up photo posts whilst we were in England. I even had several photos added into posts as drafts – they just needed me to write a little something as an accompaniment, and then press the “publish” button. But I didn’t do that. I barely touched my laptop at all,…

Photo-A-Day: July 2nd 2017

This weekend is just busy busy busy! I’ve been working on getting the thank you cards finished that I’m giving as a wedding present. (The parts are all cut at least, and I’m taking them with me to assemble.) Then we met with the cat sitter, talked through all the details and gave her the…