Thought-Of-The-Day: January 1st 2017

If you can’t make the fireworks go upwards, perhaps you shouldn’t be lighting them…

I’ll be honest, this thought only just qualified as being today’s. I had it whilst watching the fireworks a few minutes after midnight.

We could see a lot of fireworks from our window. Being on the 7th floor means we have quite a view, and there seemed to fireworks going off in almost every direction that we could see. Some of them were further away than others. I didn’t much appreciate the ones that were presumably being set off in the yard of one of the neighbouring buildings – they seemed to come awfully close to our balcony a few times…

There were also some on the opposite side of the road that were a bit suspect. Just in front of our building is a road, then a metro line, then there’s a small area of green that barely qualifies as a park. That area of green was being used as a location to fire fireworks from. Some of the fireworks even went upwards… A fair few drifted across to explode above the metro line or the road. There were a couple of notable ones that shot off sideways towards the closest building, and the small group of people standing in front of said building very quickly changed location… And of course there was the one that seemed to just explode where it was, highlighting the person who lit it in a shower of sparks… No injuries, thankfully, though I’m not sure how not.

Watching them ended up making me really nervous, so I stopped.

Actually, it got me thinking about fireworks in a negative way. They’re expensive – you’re almost literally burning money when you buy them. They are dangerous, especially when handled by the drunken idiots who seem to be the ones to use them. They scare pets, not to mention the wildlife – I know we have hares in the area, and they must have been terrified.

Sure, fireworks are pretty. But are they worth it?


Lady Joyful

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