Photo-A-Day: March 1st 2017

This certainly isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken, but I had to share it. Just look at that caught-in-the-act face! Lola knew full well that she wasn’t supposed to be in my box of adhesives, but the siren call of bubble wrap was apparently too tempting to resist.

Photo-A-Day: February 26th 2017

I feel like I’ve used a very similar picture to this one before… There’s something striking about the red of the bucket against the white of the snow. And the haphazard way it’s been abandoned – the boys decided they could have fun with just spades, no need for buckets.

Photo-A-Day: February 25th 2017

There seem to be loads of birds around lately. It continues to surprise me – it is still cold and wintery. If I had wings like them (and also didn’t have to work, like them) I would definitely fly off to somewhere sunny and warm. Perhaps with a nice quiet beach where I could just…

Photo-A-Day: February 22nd 2017

One morning recently, shortly before our alarms were due to go off, we heard a thumpy crashing sort of noise from the cat room. I went to investigate and discovered that Lola had finally worked out how to get up onto the top of the shelves. Once up there, she had apparently decided to clear…