Tomorrow I’m having the medical procedure that I’ve mentioned recently. We have to get up early to get there on time, and I’m not allowed to eat or drink. Sigh.

I don’t like waiting, and this will involve a lot of waiting.

Also I don’t like not knowing how it will go. Last time I had this treatment it was not a pleasant experience and I was pretty much out of commission for a month. I don’t like not knowing if it’ll happen again.

On the plus side I’m done with the injections for now. The last injection before the actual procedure was last night and it was an easy one. One if the other kinds I’d been having prior to that was very unpleasant – a few seconds after injecting it would feel like itchy burning under my skin. Sometimes it made a raised bump, or red skin, or just warm skin. Apparently it’s normal. But I am glad I don’t need to take it again. Not any time soon, at least.


There may not be a post tomorrow. I would assume not. We’ll see how I feel.


Lady Joyful

PS, I’ll be changing how I track progress, probably starting whenever I next post. See you then!

Challenge progress:

Yesterday I achieved…

– Complete NaBloPoMo – 3/4(/30) days achieved
Here’s yesterday’s post.

– Improve sleep schedule – 2/4(/30) days achieved

– Minimise spending – 4/4(/30) days achieved

– Earn money – 2/4(/30) days achieved

-Daily colouring – 3/4(/30) days achieved

Yesterday I did not achieve…

– Daily workout – 2/4(/30) days achieved

– Complete NaNoWriMo – 1/4(/30) days achieved, 0/50 000 words.

– Daily video – 1/4(/30) days achieved

– Daily reading – 0/4(/30) days achieved

– Get organised – 1/4(/30) days achieved

– Daily meditation – 2/4(/30) days achieved

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