Photo-A-Day: May 28th 2017

I can see out onto the balcony when I’m sitting at my desk. Now that we’re keeping the balcony door open most of the time this means that I can see what the cats are up to when they’re out there. They definitely like the opportunity to be on the balcony!

Photo-A-Day: March 1st 2017

This certainly isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken, but I had to share it. Just look at that caught-in-the-act face! Lola knew full well that she wasn’t supposed to be in my box of adhesives, but the siren call of bubble wrap was apparently too tempting to resist.

Feeling Icky

I’m ill today. Not sure what the problem is… It feels like it may be the beginnings of flu but I’m not certain. I really hope it isn’t. In any case I am lacking the energy to write a proper blog post so I am falling back to my old standard of posting a cat…

The Bag-Cat

Yesterday I wrote about how Lola likes boxes and crinkly things. Crinkly things include for example carrier bags, which she will lick if she can get near them. I honestly don’t know why she does it. I’m sure they are not tasty. Is it the noise, maybe?