Photo-A-Day: July 16th 2017

Here’s another of the pictures that I was meant to share with you whilst we were in England. I took this picture quite a while ago whilst I was walking with Thing 1 one morning. He was interested in watching this bird hopping around on top of the pile of stones.

Photo-A-Day: June 11th 2017

Thing 1 calls all birds “a’kka” (ankka, which is one of the Finnish words for duck.) Sometimes when he tells me he’s seen (or heard) a duck, he actually has. This particular bird was indeed a duck, although it’s a ‘sorsa’ not an ‘ankka’ – ankka refers to the white ducks, like Donald Duck.

Photo-A-Day: June 4th 2017

Here’s the baby version of the fluffy headed bird I shared a picture of yesterday. Isn’t it sweet? This one got separated from the others as it was distracted by something in the water and ended up coming much closer to shore than it expected. As soon as it realised it went paddling back to…

Photo-A-Day: June 3rd 2017

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that when the weather is nice I sometimes take the boys to the beach in the afternoon. During one of our recent trips there this bird was swimming around followed by a fair number of babies. I have no idea what the birds are, but they do have some…

Photo-A-Day: May 31st 2017

I have absolutely no idea what kind of bird this is. Look at that crazy beak! I really don’t think I’ve seen a bird like it before. On my first glimpse I thought it was a magpie, because of the black and white body, but when it turned around and I saw the beak it…

Photo-A-Day: May 30th 2017

There’s a little beach about 10 minutes walk from Thing 1’s home. Recently when I’ve had later finishing work days we’ve walked down to the beach after the boys have their post-nap snack. Both Things enjoy playing in the sand, and are fascinated by the water though I’ve not yet let them get into it…

Photo-A-Day: May 29th 2017

I hope you like birds. If you don’t, you might not appreciate the pictures I’ve taken for this week’s photo posts. Today is a bird, tomorrow is a bird… In fact, I have photos ready all the way through to Saturday and only one of them is not a bird. (Spoilers – it’s a snail.)

Photo-A-Day: April 27th 2017

As well as the screech of gulls (which seems like a very appropriate collective noun) that we encountered the other day there were quite a few other birds out and about. The one pictured being one of them. I suspected at the time that they were foraging, either for nest building materials or for food.

Photo-A-Day: April 26th 2017

This morning we again walked past the area where there were so many seagulls yesterday. And there were quite a bunch of them today too. Not quite as many, but still several. I’m not quite sure what is suddenly so appealing about that patch of grass that they’ve all decided to flock around there.