Photo-A-Day: April 3rd 2017

During the winter here in Finland the ice often gets thick enough that people walk across it. In seven years of living here I’ve still not done it myself. Perhaps it’s because, growing up in England, it was very rare for icy lakes or rivers to be safe to walk on, and the idea of…

Photo-A-Day: March 16th 2017

This picture doesn’t quite look how I’d hoped it would… I think it is a bit difficult to make out what you’re seeing. That big chunk of ice in the foreground was previously attached to the cliff-face, underneath the higher up chunk of ice.

Photo-A-Day: February 10th 2017

Ice can be very pretty. It has such an interesting structure. This particular picture is actually of the gaps in an almost completely snow-covered drain cover. I took a picture when I noticed how clearly the crystalline structure of the snow can be seen as it tries to stretch across and breach the gap.

Photo-A-Day: February 8th 2017

I spotted this little bird when we were walking back from the park recently. That little white patch above his beak is really cute, isn’t it? He was splashing around in the puddle taking a bath. Presumably a very cold bath, given the icy slush on the surface of the water!