Change of Plans

I’m thinking I need to change my Motivember plans. Because so far it is not going too well. I’ve been blogging, which is a good start, and keeping my spending relatively well under control, but other than that…

NaNoWriMo, for example, I haven’t been working on. Nor have I been reading. The only exercise I’ve been getting done is any walking that I just happen to do when I’m out and about.

A lot of it is probably to do with the medication I’m on affecting how I feel. It’s doing what it’s meant to do, but also making me tired and achey. And of course when I have the medical procedure on Wednesday I’ll be feeling even worse.

So. I think plans may need to be changed. I don’t like doing that though… But it would probably be a good idea to chose some of the goals to be dropped (NaNoWriMo, I’m looking at you…) and others to focus on. I can always bring the dropped goals back in later when I have a bit more energy.

I guess I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow. Which ones do you think I should drop, if any?


Lady Joyful

Challenge progress:

Yesterday I achieved…

– Complete NaBloPoMo – 3/3(/30) days achieved
Here’s yesterday’s post.

– Minimise spending – 3/3(/30) days achieved

– Daily colouring – 2/3(/30) days achieved

– Daily meditation – 2/3(/30) days achieved

– Improve sleep schedule – 1/3(/30) days achieved

Yesterday I did not achieve…

– Daily workout – 2/3(/30) days achieved

– Complete NaNoWriMo – 1/3(/30) days achieved, 0/50 000 words.

– Daily video – 1/3(/30) days achieved

– Get organised – 1/3(/30) days achieved

– Earn money – 1/3(/30) days achieved

– Daily reading – 0/3(/30) days achieved


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