White Winter

When we were outside this evening – taking the bins out and having a little wander around the block – I got thinking about winter. After all, ’tis the season, here in Finland at least. 

NaBloPoMo: Nurse No More

I have completed two years of studying to be a registered nurse. This should be my third year, but I’m taking a year out instead. Ostensibly my gap year is meant to allow me to re-evaluate and consider what my priorities are. In truth I’ve already made my mind up.

Unfamiliar Faces

The Writing 101 prompt I am following today is to write about an interesting person I have met this year. Bearing in mind the lesson of yesterday, I am aiming for a nice concise post today. I can but try. I am a shy person. An introvert. I’d rather spend an evening with a good book…