Photo-A-Day: July 15th 2017

I had every intention of putting up photo posts whilst we were in England. I even had several photos added into posts as drafts – they just needed me to write a little something as an accompaniment, and then press the “publish” button. But I didn’t do that. I barely touched my laptop at all,…

Photo-A-Day: June 15th 2017

We’ve had a few very rainy days recently. The poor trees at the park (which I’d previously photographed) ended up losing quite a lot of the petals from their blossom in the process. As you can see in today’s picture, it ended up making what almost looks like a carpet of petals where they fell.

Photo-A-Day: June 12th 2017

I’m so pleased that my phone has a built in camera. I do try to always have my digital camera with me, but you can guarantee that if for some reason I don’t have it then some kind of photo opportunity will present itself. This picture, for example, was taken on my phone because I…

Photo-A-Day: June 11th 2017

Thing 1 calls all birds “a’kka” (ankka, which is one of the Finnish words for duck.) Sometimes when he tells me he’s seen (or heard) a duck, he actually has. This particular bird was indeed a duck, although it’s a ‘sorsa’ not an ‘ankka’ – ankka refers to the white ducks, like Donald Duck.

Photo-A-Day: June 10th 2017

Here’s picture number three of these flowers I’ve been sharing with you these past few days. This is a more macro version. I do enjoy macro. I really like the contrast of the soft unfocused background with the delicate flowers in the foreground.

Photo-A-Day: June 9th 2017

Here’s the second picture of these flowers that I’ve shared with you this week. There’s a third one which will be coming tomorrow. As I said yesterday these flowers give me ideas for my card making. I really like the way the stamen (is that the word I’m looking for? It’s been years since I…

Photo-A-Day: June 7th 2017

At the weekend we took a different route to walk to the shop. The way we normally go is pretty much all along a main road. The back way we took on this occasion was much greener. Whilst we were walking we spotted a couple of squirrels playing together.

Photo-A-Day: May 31st 2017

I have absolutely no idea what kind of bird this is. Look at that crazy beak! I really don’t think I’ve seen a bird like it before. On my first glimpse I thought it was a magpie, because of the black and white body, but when it turned around and I saw the beak it…