Photo-A-Day: April 16th 2017

Yup, I took a picture of bins. They’re interesting bins though, set into the wall like that. I like how they’re colour-coded – the grey is mixed waste, brown is biodegradable, blue is for card and green for paper. Even if you don’t know Finnish you probably would have been able to guess at least…

Photo-A-Day: March 28th 2017

I mentioned a while ago that husband gets squicked by me referring to the inner parts of a pepper as a placenta. So you can imagine his response today when I cut into a pepper whilst we were making dinner and said “ooh, there’s a foetus in here!”

Photo-A-Day: March 19th 2017

Well, we didn’t get out today after all. We had a fairly busy day – got a lot of housework done, and I even managed to unpack another box. Still seems like there’s five million things waiting to be done, but that’s just the way life is I guess…

Photo-A-Day: March 14th 2017

This is another of husband’s pictures that he took at the art gallery last week.He says he likes the colours in it. I like red and black too, though something about this picture makes me think of sports teams, for some reason. I’m not a fan of sport in general, so that puts me off…

Photo-A-Day: March 12th 2017

The last few nights Elvis has slept on the cupboard that’s at the end of our bed. There’s a red blanket folded up on there, so it’s nice and comfortable for him. Apparently Sampson wanted to see what all the fuss is about, because this evening he decided he’d have a go at napping there!