Feeling Icky

I’m ill today. Not sure what the problem is… It feels like it may be the beginnings of flu but I’m not certain. I really hope it isn’t. In any case I am lacking the energy to write a proper blog post so I am falling back to my old standard of posting a cat…


Anyone who has previously read my posts, whether here or on Katzenworld, or indeed who knows me in the world beyond the blogosphere, knows that I adore my cats. As such I’m sure you’ll all understand how sad I was to hear that my eldest cat Sacher died this morning. Sacher was one of my…

Flying Cats (No Easy Feat)

Yesterday a guest post I wrote was published over on Katzenworld. In the post I told Sampson’s story and asked the readers if they would be willing to donate and help us fund Sampson’s move to Finland. Among the comments of support a number of readers have expressed their surprise at the cost of moving Sampson. I too was…

The Bag-Cat

Yesterday I wrote about how Lola likes boxes and crinkly things. Crinkly things include for example carrier bags, which she will lick if she can get near them. I honestly don’t know why she does it. I’m sure they are not tasty. Is it the noise, maybe?

Not-So-Fat Cat

Elvis has now been on his diet for a little over seven months. He certainly looks much leaner and has more energy, although he still does his best to gobble up Lola’s food should the opportunity present itself.

One Step At A Time

It’s been a while since I last did a blog post… Cat-urday seems as good a day as any to return to it, though! I had every intention to keep blogging whilst I was in England.