For today’s post I decided to do something a bit different. I used a random picture generator to find an image, then randomly generated a number up to a maximum of 1000. My idea was to try and write a story(/creative piece) based on or inspired by the picture with a set word limit (no…

Not-So-Fat Cat

Elvis has now been on his diet for a little over seven months. He certainly looks much leaner and has more energy, although he still does his best to gobble up Lola’s food should the opportunity present itself.

Hide And Seek

I assure you that there is indeed a cat in this picture. It make take a moment to spot her though! Lola is very fond of open cupboards. They are favourite place to race into. Especially if she thinks that she’s not allowed in them. She does the same thing with the pantry, the bathroom, the…

Sleep, Climb, Play

Lola and Elvis got a new cat tree for Christmas. It actually arrived quite a while before Christmas but we didn’t put it together until then. Firstly because it was intended to be their Christmas present, and secondly because we are disgraceful slackers and should be terribly ashamed of ourselves.