How A-Boot That

At 9 o’ clock this morning the thermometer on one side of our flat showed the temperature to be about -31C (that’s about -23.8F for anyone who uses Fahrenheit). The thermometer on the other side of the flat disagreed, and adamantly showed a temperature of nearer -22 (-7.6F). To be honest, either one is pretty cold.

The Book Nook: Through the Language Glass

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the reading challenge I’m doing this year (via Goodreads). Some people may consider 25 books in a year to be quite a lot. Others may think that it’s nothing. I must admit I’m leaning towards the latter viewpoint at the moment, but with the busy year ahead I thought I’d be…

Looking Forward

Happy New Year my lovely readers. I know, I’m a bit late off the mark. I’ve just returned from visiting my family over in England, so now I can get back to blogging! To start off my blogging year I’m going to talk a little bit about what to expect in 2013.