Photo-A-Day: May 31st 2017

I have absolutely no idea what kind of bird this is. Look at that crazy beak! I really don’t think I’ve seen a bird like it before. On my first glimpse I thought it was a magpie, because of the black and white body, but when it turned around and I saw the beak it…

Photo-A-Day: May 30th 2017

There’s a little beach about 10 minutes walk from Thing 1’s home. Recently when I’ve had later finishing work days we’ve walked down to the beach after the boys have their post-nap snack. Both Things enjoy playing in the sand, and are fascinated by the water though I’ve not yet let them get into it…

Photo-A-Day: May 29th 2017

I hope you like birds. If you don’t, you might not appreciate the pictures I’ve taken for this week’s photo posts. Today is a bird, tomorrow is a bird… In fact, I have photos ready all the way through to Saturday and only one of them is not a bird. (Spoilers – it’s a snail.)

Photo-A-Day: May 28th 2017

I can see out onto the balcony when I’m sitting at my desk. Now that we’re keeping the balcony door open most of the time this means that I can see what the cats are up to when they’re out there. They definitely like the opportunity to be on the balcony!

Photo-A-Day: May 26th 2017

Don’t worry if you’re confused by this picture. It’s a bit of a strange picture, I admit. But I took it for a good reason. I took it because it reminded me how crazy physics is. Maybe the second picture, below, will help you see what I mean.