Snuggly Seat Stealer

Whilst Elvis may not be a lap cat (usually, at least) he does like seats. Most particularly any seat that has been vacated within the last three seconds or so. By Elvis’s logic, if you stand up you obviously don’t plan on returning to the seat.

The Creative Mind

A few months ago I studied a Coursera course all about creativity. I’ll admit I wasn’t overly impressed with the course as a whole. I considered giving it up once or twice, but being stubborn I decided that I was far enough through that I may as well keep going. The second assignment for the…

Sleepy Heads

Sometimes I despair of Lola and Elvis ever being friends. Elvis tries, he does, but he doesn’t seem to realise that his methods do nothing more than annoy the heck out of Lola. The majority of their interaction ends with Lola swearing violently at Elvis and, if he doesn’t get the message and tries again,…

In The Beginning

Once upon a time Lola was a kitten. She was tiny and adorable, and liked to play with things – notably bouncy balls, shoelaces, and her sister. She was sweet and cuddly and somewhat mischievous. Then she grew up. Whilst still on the petite side her voice more than makes up for her small stature.…

Oh Sew Comfortable

Yesterday Lola decided that, rather than allowing me to do the sewing jobs I needed to get done, she should use my sewing boxes as a bed. Shortly after this picture was taken she curled up and took a nap. For over an hour.