Photo-A-Day: June 15th 2017

We’ve had a few very rainy days recently. The poor trees at the park (which I’d previously photographed) ended up losing quite a lot of the petals from their blossom in the process. As you can see in today’s picture, it ended up making what almost looks like a carpet of petals where they fell.

Photo-A-Day: June 14th 2017

One day late last week whilst the boys were napping and I was having a well-earned break I spotted this beetle on the balcony. I realise the picture doesn’t give much scale, but it was pretty large! It seemed to have slightly caught its leg as it was unable to get away from where it…

Photo-A-Day: June 12th 2017

I’m so pleased that my phone has a built in camera. I do try to always have my digital camera with me, but you can guarantee that if for some reason I don’t have it then some kind of photo opportunity will present itself. This picture, for example, was taken on my phone because I…

Photo-A-Day: June 11th 2017

Thing 1 calls all birds “a’kka” (ankka, which is one of the Finnish words for duck.) Sometimes when he tells me he’s seen (or heard) a duck, he actually has. This particular bird was indeed a duck, although it’s a ‘sorsa’ not an ‘ankka’ – ankka refers to the white ducks, like Donald Duck.

Photo-A-Day: June 9th 2017

Here’s the second picture of these flowers that I’ve shared with you this week. There’s a third one which will be coming tomorrow. As I said yesterday these flowers give me ideas for my card making. I really like the way the stamen (is that the word I’m looking for? It’s been years since I…