Thought-Of-The-Day: August 29th


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Dogs and babies have so much in common.

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Thought-Of-The-Day: August 28th


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When will teleportation be invented?

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Thought-Of-The-Day: August 27th

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Thought-Of-The-Day: August 26th

Why can’t you have a lift?

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Thought-Of-The-Day: August 25th

One day I’ll get a job where I don’t get peed on.

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Thought-Of-The-Day: August 24th

I’m awful and brilliant at blogging.

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As my long-term followers will know, I’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo several times over the past few years. Some years I have more success than others, of course, but I still have a great time doing them as part of Motivember.

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Review: Island Ghosts


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She had voluminous cumulus hair, a small, ruddy, grey floating fleck of a nose. The contours of her aquiline face were etched in the darker curves of the cloud. There was a pink edge to her cloudy, swaying form that was slightly painful to look at. She was fading, her essence bleeding away into the sky, slipping from material reality, dissolving into another state. And then she was gone. Just clouds.

Bain, David (2013-11-16). Island Ghosts: A Will Castleton Adventure (Kindle Locations 170-174). . Kindle Edition.

David Bain’s Island Ghosts (on Goodreads, on Amazon) is a short story of just 3000 words that is just part of a series of books. I’ve had it in my Kindle library for a while, and just happened to choose it to meet the “takes place on an island” criteria for a reading challenge I am doing. Continue reading

Busy Little Bee


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Just a quick post today to let you know we now have our very own dedicated Facebook page! You can find it over here.

I’m keeping so busy trying to get ahead on posts for the other blogs of this “blogging empire” (as my dad dubbed it!) that I seem to have neglected this one. I just checked my schedule and realised I was meant to post something here and hadn’t prepare anything. Hence the announcement of the Facebook page. I figure it’s better than nothing! Continue reading




In my last post I teased about being more successful in blogging this year than at first seems to be the case. I told you to watch this space for more information, so here it is! Continue reading


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