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It's Beary Nice to Meet You!Earlier this week we went to Korkeasaari zoo for Tiger Day. I’ve published a post on Katzenworld with pictures of the various cats we saw whilst we were there. In this post you can see some of the pictures I took of the many other animals the zoo had to offer!


Lady Joyful

PS – If you like mongooses (or mongeese, if you prefer!) you can click here to live-watch the ones at Korkeasaari.

Flying Cats (No Easy Feat)


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Lap SampsonYesterday a guest post I wrote was published over on Katzenworld. In the post I told Sampson’s story and asked the readers if they would be willing to donate and help us fund Sampson’s move to Finland.

Among the comments of support a number of readers have expressed their surprise at the cost of moving Sampson. I too was surprised when I received the quote for the expense, but then again an international move isn’t cheap!

There are a lot of different expenses involved with moving a cat from one country or another. I’ve decided that, due to the interest shown, I will share the numbers I was given with you, giving a detailed breakdown of what the money raised will be doing. This may also help other people who are considering moving pets abroad to gain a better understanding of the costs involved. Continue reading

Guest Post: Charity Appeal for Sampson


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Lady Joyful:

I’ve been very busy lately trying to organise an international move for a cat! Read about it in my guest post at Katzenworld.

Originally posted on Katzenworld:


This cat story starts with a dog. A chocolate Labrador puppy, to be precise. Her name is Wispa – like the chocolate bar, oddly enough – and she joined our family 6 years ago.

The reason Wispa begins this cat story is because without her we would never have got Sampson. We already had four cats at the time, and we weren’t exactly looking to get another. But at one of Wispa’s puppy training classes three tiny black and white kittens were unceremoniously introduced to the class of boisterous young dogs. Whilst pregnant their mother had been abandoned at the vets where the puppy classes took place.


The kittens were unfazed by the boisterous interest of a dozen or so puppies. Their patience was surprising considering the size difference. And then the teacher dropped the bombshell – one of the kittens still needed a forever home.

I can’t remember exactly…

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The Bag-Cat


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Yesterday I wrote about how Lola likes boxes and crinkly things. Crinkly things include for example carrier bags, which she will lick if she can get near them. I honestly don’t know why she does it. I’m sure they are not tasty. Is it the noise, maybe? Continue reading

A Box Full of Crinkle


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Crinkly Box

It’s a well-known fact that cats like boxes. Big, small, empty or full, cats like them all.

That rhymed, did you notice? I guess I really am a poet, huh.

Anyway… Continue reading

What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?


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World GazerLola likes to look out windows. She likes to watch the world go by, to see the birds and the trees, the people and the cars, and even the occasional squirrel or hare. She likes to sit window-watching with the sun in her face making her white fur positively glow. Continue reading

Not-So-Fat Cat


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Sleepy ElvisElvis has now been on his diet for a little over seven months. He certainly looks much leaner and has more energy, although he still does his best to gobble up Lola’s food should the opportunity present itself. Continue reading

One Step At A Time


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Stepping CarefullyIt’s been a while since I last did a blog post… Cat-urday seems as good a day as any to return to it, though!

I had every intention to keep blogging whilst I was in England. Continue reading

Don’t Make Me Choose


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Another quick blog post. S made the pictures after we came across, and both completed, this quiz. Yes it’s just variations of one picture, but I couldn’t decide which I liked best. Continue reading




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I remembered to do a blog post!

Here is a picture of a very young Lola. In a box. Because box. Continue reading


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