Finances, Shminances

The end of the month is a trying time. Or the end of the pay cycle, for those people who are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque. Money is running low. It’s time to think about whether you can stretch the washing-up liquid to last until more money is available, whether the milk will last, whether you can…

Don’t Mind Me!

Just a short post today. I found this photo when I was looking for a picture to use for yesterday’s post and I felt I had to share it. I cannot imagine how on earth Lola ever thought that laying like this was a good idea. But then, we all know how awkward she is!

Am I A Writer?

My apologies, but I am going to have to interrupt the regularly scheduled Year of Cats blog streak to talk about a passion of mine. Something I adore. Something I love – writing. You may have noticed that, if you’ve read this blog at all. Although lately you may not have noticed much other than the fact…

Take A Cat Nap

If you couldn’t tell from my post about wanting to be a cat, I sometimes find myself a bit jealous of my feline companions. Especially when I’ve had a long, tiring day. You see, cats can sleep anytime they want. Anywhere they want. They’ve made an art of sleeping. They even have a sleeping style…

Sleep Tight

I have nothing to say today. It’s been a long week, and now it is time for sleeping. Hopefully this picture of Lola from when she was tiny and adorable will help you sleep tonight!