At The Cat Wash

Bath time!I had just written a different blog post but S insisted it should be used later in the year, so now I have to try and think of something else. Here goes!

It’s well-known around here that Lola and Elvis aren’t exactly the best of friends. But sometimes they will get along. Tolerate each-other, at least. Unfortunately it doesn’t normally last long. There will be some sort of nice interaction like the one pictured above and then…

Within only a few seconds of the picture being taking the friendly licks Elvis was giving Lola became rougher and then he decided to bite her instead. She of course promptly left the bedroom to get away from him.

Elvis is not always at fault in these kinds of interactions. Sometimes it is Lola who will decide enough is enough. Three licks is plenty. Then she will turn around and whack Elvis on the head.

There’s a lot of love around here!


Lady Joyful


2 thoughts on “At The Cat Wash

  1. I have a male and female that do the exact same thing! It started when the Big Cheese passed away last year. I think they’ve been bickering about who’s Top Cat now. We have one other female but she won’t have anything to do with these squabbles, although sometimes she’s an innocent bystander, poor thing. Gotta love the kitties. 🙂

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