Today we visited a chocolate factory. Or at least, the visitor centre for a chocolate factory. We didn’t see any Oompa Loompas, but we did see a giant rabbit made of eggs. We were told all about the history of Fazer, went into their little tropical garden where they have cocoa beans, vanilla, chillies, ginger and other things growing (it was nice and warm in there, if a bit humid), and we even got to eat some of their chocolates. It was definitely a fun experience.

Visiting the actual factory area was not allowed, apparently for hygiene reasons. There was an area where we could put on VR headsets and experience the factory in virtual reality which was interesting I guess but also made me feel very nauseous. Husband tells me I shouldn’t judge VR as a whole off of that, which I understand, but it didn’t endear me to it. I found it pretty disorientating.

As seems to be the case with all tours anywhere the tour let out into their gift shop. But even without buying anything, everyone who took the tour got a bag of edibles to take home. The bags contained some bread, biscuits, a seed and oat snack bar, a bar of chocolate, a sharing sized bag of sweets, and some xylitol pastilles. We did also buy some things from the shop, including a lollipop that husband ate immediately, and a bag which contained six Mignon eggs for about the price that one would be bought for in the shops.

If you’re not familiar with Mignon eggs, you’re missing out. They’re not chocolate, as such. They’re real eggshells, filled with nougat and closed with a sugar plug. And they are delicious. Here in Finland most shops stock them at Easter time. But when Easter season passes, Mignon disappear. So I was very happy to see them in the shop. So far I’ve resisted the temptation to eat any of them. Partly because I’m not sure where husband put them once we got home…


Lady Joyful

Challenge progress:

Yesterday I achieved…

– Complete NaNoWriMo – 1/1(/30) days achieved, 0/50 000 words.
I didn’t get any words written towards the novel I did do a bunch of prep done, so I’m counting it as success even though I’m behind on the word count.

– Complete NaBloPoMo – 1/1(/30) days achieved
Here’s yesterday’s post.

– Daily video – 1/1(/30) days achieved
Here’s yesterday’s video.

– Daily workout – 1/1(/30) days achieved
Met my step goal, didn’t do anything else due to feeling unwell.

– Daily colouring – 1/1(/30) days achieved

– Daily meditation – 1/1(/30) days achieved

– Minimise spending – 1/1(/30) days achieved
Whilst we did eat at a restaurant and buy a small treat each it was because we currently have a visitor, so we were spending some time out. (I didn’t stay out the whole day due to feeling unwell.) Though it was not all necessary spending we did chose the less expensive options, so I consider it a success.

– Get organised – 1/1(/30) days achieved

– Earn money – 1/1(/30) days achieved
Though I had to cancel the schedule work gig (again, due to feeling well) I did promote my affiliate links in the video and blog post I made, and I did make a sale, so I consider that acceptable given the circumstances. I will try to put more effort into this goal for future days.

Yesterday I did not achieve…

– Daily reading – 0/1(/30) days achieved

– Improve sleep schedule – 0/1(/30) days achieved

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