Photo-A-Day: June 12th 2017

I’m so pleased that my phone has a built in camera. I do try to always have my digital camera with me, but you can guarantee that if for some reason I don’t have it then some kind of photo opportunity will present itself. This picture, for example, was taken on my phone because I…

Photo-A-Day: June 11th 2017

Thing 1 calls all birds “a’kka” (ankka, which is one of the Finnish words for duck.) Sometimes when he tells me he’s seen (or heard) a duck, he actually has. This particular bird was indeed a duck, although it’s a ‘sorsa’ not an ‘ankka’ – ankka refers to the white ducks, like Donald Duck.

Photo-A-Day: June 4th 2017

Here’s the baby version of the fluffy headed bird I shared a picture of yesterday. Isn’t it sweet? This one got separated from the others as it was distracted by something in the water and ended up coming much closer to shore than it expected. As soon as it realised it went paddling back to…

Photo-A-Day: June 3rd 2017

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that when the weather is nice I sometimes take the boys to the beach in the afternoon. During one of our recent trips there this bird was swimming around followed by a fair number of babies. I have no idea what the birds are, but they do have some…

Photo-A-Day: May 26th 2017

Don’t worry if you’re confused by this picture. It’s a bit of a strange picture, I admit. But I took it for a good reason. I took it because it reminded me how crazy physics is. Maybe the second picture, below, will help you see what I mean.

Photo-A-Day: May 15th 2017

The boys and I spotted this sleepyhead as we walked to the park on Friday. Actually, that’s not strictly true. I spotted the duck and pointed it out to the boys. It wasn’t particularly close to us and was better camouflaged than you’d expect given this photograph, so they were having a hard time seeing…

Photo-A-Day: April 14th 2017

As with yesterday’s picture, today’s shows that it’s the little things that can really make a picture work. Imagine this picture without the man paddling along. Without that pop of colour. It would just be the grey-brown water. Nothing special. A bit boring really.