Photo-A-Day: June 11th 2017

Thing 1 calls all birds “a’kka” (ankka, which is one of the Finnish words for duck.) Sometimes when he tells me he’s seen (or heard) a duck, he actually has. This particular bird was indeed a duck, although it’s a ‘sorsa’ not an ‘ankka’ – ankka refers to the white ducks, like Donald Duck.

When we saw this duck we stopped and watched her for a while. Once we moved on the boys were reminding me that we’d once seen a duck in the swampy marsh area (I don’t know what you’d actually call it) on the other side of the path. Thing 1 even explained (by way of hand motions) that the duck in question had flown away, and they’d said bye bye.

They are very good at remembering events that interested them, and do a great job of explaining said events repeatedly for the next few days or even weeks. Thing 2 for example still keeps explaining the time that we saw a digger and a lorry come to fill up the sand pit at the park. (“Digga. Yoyy-y. Nan-pi!” Side note: it is very hard to write the way he says lorry…)

A different theme in picture from the ones I’ve shared with you in the last few days!


Lady Joyful

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