Photo-A-Day: July 16th 2017

Here’s another of the pictures that I was meant to share with you whilst we were in England. I took this picture quite a while ago whilst I was walking with Thing 1 one morning. He was interested in watching this bird hopping around on top of the pile of stones.

What he was more interested in though was the small digger and other work vehicles just a bit further along our route. There’s some kind of renovation work going on, and the boys are both very interested in that kind of thing. Diggers are always exciting, and they like cranes and tractors too.

Or well, they liked those things when I last saw them. That was a couple of weeks ago though, and that’s practically forever for a two year old! I’ll be back to work on Tuesday, so I can see then whether it is still the case or not.


Lady Joyful

3 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: July 16th 2017

    • They do look jolly, don’t they? 🙂 I think time flying as you age is a matter of perspective – when you’re 4 a year seems like a very long time, and it is because it’s a quarter of your life, but then when you’re 14 it’s already a much smaller proportion of your life, so it doesn’t seem anywhere near as long. And it only gets worse as you age!

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