Photo-A-Day: April 27th 2017

As well as the screech of gulls (which seems like a very appropriate collective noun) that we encountered the other day there were quite a few other birds out and about. The one pictured being one of them. I suspected at the time that they were foraging, either for nest building materials or for food.

Given the precipitation that had only recently stopped food is a reasonable assumption. Worms do seem to surge up from the earth after a bout of rain. And birds do like works. Likewise, it’s the right time of year for prospcective parents to be collecting twigs and leaves and whatever other nature pieces they require for creating a nest.

This bird was definitely doing one of the two things. It kept rifling rather intently through the damp leaves. I did try to get a picture of it doing so, but it was too quick for me, and the motion didn’t translate well into pictures. But this one turned out well enough.


Lady Joyful

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