Photo-A-Day: April 26th 2017

This morning we again walked past the area where there were so many seagulls yesterday. And there were quite a bunch of them today too. Not quite as many, but still several. I’m not quite sure what is suddenly so appealing about that patch of grass that they’ve all decided to flock around there.

We may pass that way again tomorrow. Perhaps I shall try to investigate the mystery. Or not. Actually it may well just be because there is a bin there, and I think the door on it was broken so they’ve probably decided it’s a decent source of food.


Lady Joyful

2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: April 26th 2017

  1. That seems like quite a pretty, dainty gull…. we have those MASSIVE herring gulls that sit around on the park behind us. Quite scary, they’re about the size of small dogs with wings…!

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