Photo-A-Day: June 9th 2017

Here’s the second picture of these flowers that I’ve shared with you this week. There’s a third one which will be coming tomorrow. As I said yesterday these flowers give me ideas for my card making. I really like the way the stamen (is that the word I’m looking for? It’s been years since I did biology…) look almost glittery at the ends. And of course the wonderful depth and dimension they have to them. I think my abilities aren’t quite up to the standard they’d need to be to do these justice on a card.

It’s something to aim for though. And I like that I’m able to find inspiration from the world around me. Another example is a building I’ve seen from the metro a few times. I’ve not yet taken a picture of it yet because I’ve only ever seen it from the metro window, which isn’t really conducive to photography. But I really want to make a card based on it. It looks like white heat embossing against a yellow-orange-red ink blended background. There are lots of images on it, but the only one I remember specifically is a feather. It’s a pretty building. I really must get a picture.


Lady Joyful


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