Photo-A-Day: June 27th 2017

Something a bit different for today’s picture. Recently my photos have been flowers, flowers, and more flowers. I thought a feather might make a nice change!

In bad news… Taking photos is going to be a whole lot trickier now because I managed to break the digital camera. Good job, me… I dropped it and the casing got bashed right by the lens. When the camera is turned on the lens tries to extend, realises it can’t get all the way out, tries again, gives up and the camera shuts down. It doesn’t appear to be repairable… So now I don’t have a camera that I can easily take around with me. Or well… not a decent one. I have my phone camera which is fine so long as I don’t want to zoom in on anything. And I have my dSLR but that’s not the most practical for having with me on a day to day basis. It’s fine for special trips out, but I can’t exactly keep it in my pocket on the off chance of a photo opportunity.

Breaking the camera is bad enough as is, but I chose a pretty bad time to do it. We’re going to visit my family in England at the end of the week, and it would have been nice to have the camera to take with us. I will be taking the dSLR, but again it’s not the most practical for daily use. And the point-and-click would be preferable for at the wedding we’re going to, for example. Additionally I had been thinking of using the camera for filming my card videos (I’ve been using my phone but the quality is not great) and now I can’t do that either.

I’m really annoyed at myself. A new camera is not in the budget but given how much use I get out of it I may have to try and find some money for it… If I could just go back in time andย not break it that would be far preferable.


Lady Joyful

10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: June 27th 2017

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    • For some reason you got marked as spam ๐Ÿ˜ฎ My phone camera is pretty good, but doesn’t quite cut it for recording. We’ve looked up and managed to find one that seems like a good option for a pretty decent price. Just need to shuffle next month’s budget around a bit before we order it ๐Ÿ™‚

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