Weekly Photo Prompt: Delicate

Weekly Photo Prompt – Delicate: Share a picture that means delicate to you.

I’m a bit late to the game with this one, seeing as the new prompt will be up in a couple of hours. I wasn’t sure, at first, what to post for this photo challenge. Some people think of snow as delicate, but all the snow I’ve seen here has been so thick it hardly looks delicate! Then yesterday, whilst eating breakfast I looked out the window and saw a beautiful snow-covered tree, its branches looking like lace. Seemed pretty delicate to me! So I dragged S out with me and we went around the yard taking photos of the different trees and snowiness. The result: the pictures you see below, and some very frozen fingers!

Delicate. December 2012. ©The Joyful Soul

Delicate. December 2012. ©The Joyful Soul

The above picture is one of my favourites. I think as well as the snow making the tree look delicate with its lace-like appearance, the way that the snow weighs the tree down also shows how delicate it is.

And because I wanted to show some of the other pictures I took…

What does ‘delicate’ mean to you? Do you have snow where you are? Do you like the snow?

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Prompt: Delicate

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  3. I would enjoy snow more if it weren’t so cold. Love to see trees with snow on them, but I get cold just looking at the photos. I prefer to look at snowy photos in the summer.

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