Foster Diaries: Ilona & Friends – Week Three

Ilona the Dozey Cat

I bring terrible wonderful news! Ilona has been reserved for adoption. Isn’t it horrible great?

You might be able to tell that I have mixed feelings about this… Ilona is the first kitten we ever fostered. We’ve had her with us for nearly two months, and she’s developed from a tiny hissing little ball of fur with gunky eyes, to a bigger-but-still-quite-tiny mischievous and playful ball of fur. I am really not looking forward to her leaving.

We’re not actually sure at this point when she will be going to her forever home. I think we may have her for another week because something was said about us being around to get her to be vaccinated and micro-chipped. Which means I have a little bit longer to cuddle her.

Ilona goes exploring

The people who are adopting her seemed very nice. A young couple, though I think perhaps a little bit older than ourselves. They came to see her and she hid, but it was obvious that they would want to have her. Who wouldn’t? She’s adorable after all.

If it were up to me we would be keeping her. Unfortunately we don’t have enough money to adopt at the moment, and even if we did S is not yet ready to have another permanent-cat. I’m really going to miss her though… I think her owners-to-be intend to change her name; they were asking if she responds to it or not. It makes me sad to think nobody will call her all the silly nicknames I made up for her. The main one is “Lilo” (pronounced to rhyme with willow), but there are plenty of stranger ones.

Frustratingly she seems to have become increasingly cuddly since we’ve heard she will be leaving, which really does not make the parting easier for me. I can’t help but keep wondering whether she will think I have abandoned her… I’m sure she’ll settle into her new home quickly and won’t even miss me, but still… I’ll miss the way she cuddles, the way she objects to being picked up, the way she nibbles on fingers, the cute little noises she makes when she’s running around excited, and the way she purrs so loudly for no particular reason.

Sleepy Sisu & Siiri

I think we’ll have Sisu and Siiri a bit longer though. As I’ve no doubt said before, it will be more difficult to find a home for two kittens together than one on their own. Especially as Sisu is apparently terrified of strangers, as evidenced by his reaction to being approached by Ilona’s new parents when they came to see the kittens. He hissed fiercely and ran away to hide until well after they left… I think we need to try and work on that.

Sisu & Ilona try to be friends

Sisu seems to have made good friends with Ilona. They are constantly wrestling with each other. After the initial introduction during which she would chase him and his sister, growling, if they came near, they’ve been getting on quite well.

Sisu would perhaps prefer to be alone

Siiri loves to pass love around. She’ll push against anyone and everyone, and seems to have adopted Elvis as her cat-daddy. He doesn’t seem to mind at all, and has been found cuddled up with her on more than one occasion. He also grooms her a lot.

Siiri and her cat-daddy

I think when Lilo leaves it will be difficult for the cats as well as for us. They’re getting along so well now. Well, Lola might not mind too much. She is tolerant of the kittens, but no better than that. If Siiri tries to rub against her to give love Lola just backs off looking confused…

Peek-a-boo, Siiri!

We knew when we started fostering that we wouldn’t be keeping Ilona forever. That didn’t stop me wishing we could. And it won’t make the separation any easier.


Lady Joyful

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