NaBloPoMo: Week Three

Week three of Motivember is almost over, we’re now entering the home stretch. Here’s a quick recap on how this past week has gone!

Post every day – success! Still posting daily. Maybe one or two of the posts have been a bit cheaty… But something is better than nothing.

Sub-goal: Get Freshly Pressed. I’m not so sure we’re going to hit this one this year. I have yet to write anything particularly fantastic. I’ve not even taken part in any of the Writing Challenges which I think would be my best chance at getting this. Being Freshly Pressed is a big deal, it’s not going to come easily. I think I can be comfortable with the idea that I won’t achieve it this time around. But there’s still a week left, so we will see.

Write every day, reach 50,000 words by the end of the month. There were again three days this week that I didn’t do anything towards NaNoWriMo… I am a bad person, I know. I did another marathon yesterday. Only a mini one this time though – I wrote just under 7000 words. This means I am still behind, with only a week left to go. On the other hand I have just short of 40,000 words written which is better by far than anything I have ever done before. I’m pretty happy with that, but I am determined to reach the 50k and win this year.

Sub-goal: Be caught up by Sunday – As I said above I’m still behind so obviously I didn’t succeed at this. Seeing as NaNoWriMo ends next weekend to have this as a goal again would be superfluous. Instead my sub-goal is to make sure I write something towards NaNoWriMo every single day no matter what. Even if it’s only twenty words. Obviously doing this is important anyway if I want to be finished on time. I don’t want to get to Saturday and be forced to do another Marathon to get the last 10k written because I slacked during the week. I mean, I’ll probably do another Marathon anyway, because I’m making it a thing, but I want to do it by choice, not necessity.

  • Eat Less Chocolate

Limit to two bars a week at weekends. I ate one bar on Friday and one bar on Saturday. Success! I did actually have a chocolate lollipop on Thursday… It was 50% off because it was Halloween stock that the shop wanted to get rid of. And it was a lollipop not a bar, so it doesn’t count. Right? Right.

  • Exercise more

Workouts Monday, Wednesday and Friday, walk or cycle daily. Friday’s workout didn’t happen because we had a busy morning. We were planning to walk into town to make up for it but then realised we didn’t actually need to go into town… We did at least go for a walk just around the block and down the hill a bit, but it wasn’t the workout we planned… We’re changing up our work outs now actually. We’ve been using this book and doing the Foundation Fitness exercises. Starting tomorrow we will be switching to doing either Core Strength, Full Body Strength, or Posture workouts. Conveniently that’s three different types which works out that we can do one of each every week. Assuming we make sure we actually do each work out each day. To make it easier we’ve chosen in advance which workout we will be doing each day which I think might help us stick to it better. I hope. Friday may be difficult to fit it in as I have lectures all day, but I guess we’ll just have to get up early or something…

Sub-goal – be outside for at least a couple of minutes every day. Easy peasy. Every single day. Not one missed. A couple were nothing more than trips to the bins but hey, outside is outside.

  • Saving Electricity

No computers before midday. Success. This has very quickly become a habit. Again I had my Marathon yesterday which meant my computer was on from earlier in the morning. We’ve also been finding other ways to save money on electricity. For example we realised that when we need the lights in the kitchen it is more efficient to use the one over the sink and the one over the stove than the main ceiling light. The sink light is actually the most efficient, and can light the room well enough for making dinner, so that will save a little bit too! It may not be a lot of savings, but every bit counts.

This isn’t a recap because as it says, this is an extra goal which we have for this next week. We’ve been properly budgeting for a few months now trying to keep our spending in check. This month we’ve already spent almost all of our grocery money – we have 58 cents to last us until next Saturday. It’s weird because we’ve actually spent 42% less on food this month than last month, but I think we had to shift money from that category to cover things elsewhere. So the extra goal for this coming week is to not overspend the grocery budget. We’re 99.9% certain it is do-able. We have chicken left in the fridge from a roast we had on Friday, plus enough chicken and mince in the freezer for at least four more meals, and leftovers from today’s meal with the in-laws. We have plenty of milk. We are running low on cereal as well as bread for toast, but we have plenty of oats, porridge rice and semolina for alternative breakfast ideas, not to mention eggs. We can make bread of course – we have all the ingredients for that. I’m comfortably certain that we can manage to do this just by using up what is in the fridge/freezer/pantry. The only thing we might completely run out of is vegetables, but I’m sure a couple of days without won’t kill us!

And that concludes this week. Like I said at the beginning, we are now entering the home stretch! Now is the time to really knuckle down and get everything completed properly. I’ve not yet decided whether next week’s summary will recap the whole month… I may decide to do one to summarise the week and then another to reflect on how the month was as a whole. We’ll see. And of course I’ll be posting daily between now and then!


Lady Joyful

Is your November a Motivember? How well are you progressing towards your goals for the month? Are you looking forward to it all being over?


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