Foster Diaries Special: All About Ilona


I think Lola taught Ilona (or Sansa as she is now called) a thing or two about the best positions for sleeping!

Name: Ilona

Type: Cat

Colour: Black & White

Age on arrival: 8 weeks

Age on departure: 16 weeks

Weight on arrival: 1220g (approx.)

Weight on departure: 2300g (approx.)

Ilona was a tiny little thing when we first saw her. She was curled into a tight ball at the back of her carrier on the counter at the shelter, hissing fiercely if anyone dared to approach her. When she first came home she hid under the bed wanting nothing to do with us. It didn’t take too long for her to come out of her shell and turn into a happy and playful little kitten. She soon became friendly with our other cats (at least as friendly as they allowed) and settled in like she’d always been here.

Ilona seemed to enjoy life as the youngest of the household. About half way through her time with us she lost that honour when two more foster kittens joined the household. At first she seemed a bit put out by their presence, hissing if and when she encountered them. After a week or two she realised the benefit of having a couple of playmates to boss around. She and Sisu became particularly firm friends, frequently chasing each other around.

Adorable and energetic, Ilona caught the eyes of a couple who were looking to expand their family. They came to visit Ilona and decided to adopt her! We had mixed feelings about it of course; whilst we were happy to know she was going to a loving home we were also sad to see her leave. It was the right thing for her though, and now she is settled in to her new home with her new family and a new name. I’ll let her new mum tell you all about it!

Sansa & Dany“Sansa is a very energetic kitten, constantly finding new places to explore. One of her favourite things to do is stare at the droplets on the shower wall after the show has been used, and she’s taught her little sister, Dany, to do it too. Sansa likes to sleep in the wardrobe on the clothes, and if the door is closed she’ll scratch at it and cry to get inside. She likes to look outside through the windows and also tries to get out onto the balcony to look around.

Sansa watching the water droplets

Occasionally Sansa likes a lap to sit on, but she likes to be on the bed even more. She and Dany like to wake us (her new parents) in the middle of the night by purring loudly and attacking our feet. Sansa on the bed

For the first couple of days Sansa hid on the bed, but did come out to eat and use the litter tray. She did come onto the bed during the first night. She would run away if either of us moved but would quickly return to the bed once she thought it was safe again.

Sansa really likes to eat and has been nicknamed “Liharekka” (meat-lorry). She now weighs 2.4kg (note from Lady Joyful: we were sent this when we first went to England, so she no doubt weighs more now!). After eating Sansa often tries to cover her food, scratching at the floor next to the bowl.

When Sansa and Dany play together it can sometimes be a bit rough. She frequently races around the flat with her tail arched and climbing on shelves. On a particular occasion an empty cardboard box became a great source of amusement.

Playtime for Sansa & Dany

Sansa is alright with visitors and after the first few days of visiting did not bother to hide anymore. She’s certainly not a lap cat to strangers though. When her little sister Dany first arrived Sansa growled and hissed at her for the first week or so, but now they are like two peas in a pod! They run around together and wrestle all through the night. Eventually they tire themselves out and come to sleep next to us on the bed.

Both of the girls are lovely cats, and we’re so happy that we got them.”


It seems to me that Ilona/Sansa has a lovely new home. I’m very glad to hear she has a playmate as I had been concerned that she might be missing Sisu. It was wonderful to hear from her new parents about how she is getting along now.

A very happy ending to our first fostering story!


Lady Joyful

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