Foster Diaries Special: All About Sisu & Siiri

The InseparablesNames: Sisu & Siiri

Type: Cat

Colour: Sisu – Grey with white, Siiri – White with grey and ginger tabby bits

Age at arrival: 10 weeks

Age at departure: 15 weeks

Sisu being fearsomeWhen Sisu and Siiri first arrived to stay with us they were perfectly happy to keep themselves to themselves. I would go so far as to say they wanted as little to do with us as possible. It only took a couple of days though for Sisu to come out of his shell, climbing onto our laps for cuddles. His shyer sister may not have wanted cuddles but she tolerated us at least, and didn’t run and hide.Sleepy Siiri

Sisu and Siiri had quite different personalities. Despite being slightly smaller than his sister, Sisu was definitely more boisterous. He would make himself known with the sweetest of noises, and when hungry nip at your ankles until you fed him. He and Ilona would play together, racing around the flat like the crazy little kittens they were. Siiri on the other hand was much more sedate. She preferred to be relaxed and elegant. That’s not to say she didn’t get up to her fair share of mischief. There was one occasion when we woke to discover Sisu has well and truly tied himself in the handle of our laundry basket, and his sister’s way of assisting was to jump on him repeatedly. Luckily for him we were more help, getting a pair of scissors to cut him free.

Sleepy snuggles

When not getting up to no good Sisu would often come and sit on my lap as I was at the computer desk. He was a sweet cuddly little fluffball and certainly made a wonderful lap cat. Again Siiri differed from her brother. She would avoid laps, she did not much like to be picked up or fussed over. Little Siiri far preferred to cuddle up next to Elvis and disdain human contact.

As much as we loved having Sisu and Siiri living with us we were very happy when they were reserved and then adopted by a lovely couple. We had plenty of time to say our goodbyes to them, and of course it was great to know they were going to a wonderful new home, where they’ve now been living for a couple of months.

Their new owners have renamed them, as frequently is the case when kittens are adopted. Little Sisu is now called Hugo, and Siiri is Siru.

Siru & her canine companionSiru is keeping true to her preference of animals to humans having begun to befriend the dog whilst still being a little bit stand-offish with her new parents, just as she was with us. She will go on a lap every now and again though, despite her independence. Hugo is still uncertain of the dog but more than happy to cuddle up on a lap when the opportunity arises, having “cuddle attacks” almost daily. Their parents say the two kittens are nearly inseparable, and keeping them together was definitely the right choice.,

Cuddly Siru

Hugo is apparently as mischievous as ever, continuing with his nipping habit to get what he wants. Apparently one morning Hugo tried waking his new mum by nibbling her arms. When this was unsuccessful he decided to try nibbling her nose instead!

Sleepy snuggly Sisu

It certainly sounds as though, just like their predecessor Ilona, Sisu and Siiri have gone to a lovely new home. It’s absolutely wonderful that they were able to be re-homed together, and we think it’s great that they are getting along with their canine sibling.

And so ends another happy foster story!


Lady Joyful

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