Thought-Of-The-Day: September 27th

I have some weird friends.

I was asking one of my dearest friends for advice because I wasn’t sure what to write for today’s thought. His suggestion? Write about the feelings in my toe… Yeah.

Of course he was being silly, but I thanked him for the idea. As you can tell, I didn’t mean the idea of toe feelings. I meant the idea of weird friendships!

To be fair to my lovely weirdo friends (love you!) I’m pretty darn weird myself, so they really need to be weird to put up with me. We weirdos have to stick together!

Case in point, this particular friend has a nickname. A nickname I gave him. I call him Bambi. It started fairly soon after we became friends and I honestly don’t even remember exactly why I chose it for him. It feels appropriate to me.

And I call him Bambi all the time. If he comes up in conversation with my husband, or really anyone in my family, or actually with anyone, I will call him Bambi, not his real name. And there are some people who learned of him as Bambi before they actually learned his real name. It’s stuck pretty well!

He’s not the only one I’ve given a nickname too. I have another friend who I nicknamed Princess, and yes some other people have called him (yes, him) that too. I don’t think it’s stuck quite as well as Bambi has, but I think most people know who I mean when I say Princess.

I think this thought got turned around… It was meant to be about how weird my friends are, but I think it ended up with proving how weird I am instead!


Lady Joyful


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