Photo-A-Day: May 26th 2017

Don’t worry if you’re confused by this picture. It’s a bit of a strange picture, I admit. But I took it for a good reason. I took it because it reminded me how crazy physics is. Maybe the second picture, below, will help you see what I mean.

Okay it’s probably still difficult to see. But if you look you can see that, actually, the waterline is above that hole. The plastic tub is filled with water to above the top of the hole (actually there are two holes, but anyway) and it is not leaking.

The reason is surface tension. And I won’t pretend to know anything beyond that because it’s been years since I last had a physics lesson…

Anyway, it was really interesting to see it happen. A bit weird too, because of course my brain kept insisting that if there is a hole below the waterline then the water should be escaping. Weird, but interesting.


Lady Joyful


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