Thought-Of-The-Day: September 28th

You know what’s annoying? 

Well, lots of things… But today I was very annoyed because I was trying to locate our new flat. 

After finishing work I went straight to pick up keys from the maintenance company. The office for thst is not close to work or the flat, and I basically had to double back on myself to go to the flat. Took about 45 minutes each way… 

Then I had to find the building. You know, Google maps is pretty useless when your building has only just been built… 

I spent quite some time walking up and down the bit of road where the flat was supposed to be. In the rain. And then I phoned husband

I believe I said something along the lines of “I can’t [expletive] find the [expletive] building!”

I don’t usually swear much, so that’s a good indicator of my annoyance levels… 

Husband investigated and discovered the address for the building next door to ours, which has a completely different street address, and I headed off to find that. 

I saw a terrified hare sheltering by a rock from the rain and was momentarily relieved of my anger whilst I resisted the urge to hug the poor thing. (It wouldn’t have appreciated it.)

Of course I then returned to muttering swears under my breath as I stalked along the road. I probably appeared quite insane. Good thing nobody was nearby! 

When I left (far later than I’d intended) I discovered that the place I’d rung husband from was actually not that far from our flat… If I’d just kept walking I’d have found it. Thing is, based on what the map had been indicating, that was the wrong direction… 

In any case it all worked out in the end. But it’s been a long day, and will likely be a long evening too as once I get in (I’m on the bus writing this!) I have a card to finish and post about, and a photo post to sort out… 


Lady Joyful


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