Thought-Of-The-Day: September 26th

Not all inspiration is appreciated equally.

This morning as I was on the metro approaching one of the busier stations the train slowed unexpectedly, half the lights went out, and we kind of rolled towards the station. As we entered the first glance seemed as though the platforms were deserted. They weren’t, of course, it was just that end of the platform wasn’t in use.

In any case an idea sparked and I quickly bought up the notebook on my phone to write it down. Without going into details it was an apocalyptica-esque (sure, that’s a term…) scenario using that exact situation – train looses power, rolls into station, unexpectedly deserted…

The thing is, writing even vaguely horror scenes based on real life situations is not so fun when your imagination starts overacting, and when you finish writing the scene to find yourself still stuck on a half lit, eerily quiet train…

But hey. At least it wasn’t dark!

Unlike when I walked to the station before sunrise, and had an idea for a story involving wendigo-like creatures. I also had that idea pop into my head when I was walking home one evening when it was dark and deserted… I haven’t written that yet. I don’t need my brain dwelling on wendigos in the bushes when I’m trying to walk!


Lady Joyful


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