If It Tastes Good

Today I’m taking inspiration from another Writing 101 prompt. You might be wondering why I’m telling you that here in the actual blog post rather than in a happy little italicised note at the top like I’ve been doing all the other times. Well, it’s because the twist for today is to write in my own voice.

Uh… Wait, what’s my voice like?

This is like when someone asks me my name and I’m like “Wait! I know the answer to that, it’s… erm… Starts with a C…”

Yeah, I can be a bit flakey like that sometimes.

Anyway my point is, welcome to my voice.

The topic to which I am to apply my oh-so-marvellous voice is… *drum roll please*

My favourite childhood meal!

Okay so that wasn’t that exciting and probably didn’t require a drumroll. Whatever. It’s my blog, I can do what I like.

So, my favourite childhood meal… You know what, I don’t actually know. Maybe someone who remembers my childhood better than me will chime in and remind me.

To be honest I don’t remember eating much. I was fussy as a child. Alright, fine, I’m still fussy. Better than I was though, so there.

I honestly remember many meals where I would just eat a bowl of dry pasta. By dry I mean there was nothing on it, not that it was uncooked. Actually I remember one time getting about half way through the bowl and discovering an itsy-bitsy spider in it which I guess bucked the nothing-with-it trend. If you’re wondering I didn’t finish eating that pasta. It rather put me off.

And inevitably I would finish the meal with a chocolate mousse.

My mum despaired. She often wondered what she could do to make me less damn fussy. She would ask the doctor – I had to go to the doctor a lot because I was an inconveniently sickly child on top of my terrible pickiness – and the doctor would say “Well… as long as she’s eating something we don’t have to worry too much.” So I would keep eating my dry pasta and my chocolate mousse.

Mm, chocolate.

My chocaholicia chocaholicism choca love of chocolate has stayed with me. I love chocolate. If we have chocolate in the flat I will inevitably eat it. Every day. Perhaps more than once a day. I cannot help it.

Actually that’s not entirely true. The fact that I have successfully given up chocolate for Lent on more than one occasion shows that I can help it. I just don’t normally want to.

I guess my favourite childhood meal, or rather food, would be something chocolate related. And I’ve just thought of what it was.

Chocolate volcano cake.

Yum. Yum yum yum…

I cannot believe I haven’t shared the recipe for that on here yet. I need to keep the secret to myself rectify that, seriously. You are all missing out.

Chocolate volcano cake is a chocolatey puddingy bowl (or plate, I’m not judging) of good yumminess. It’s basically chocolate upside down cake. The reason we call it volcano cake is because on a couple of occasions when my mum made it it would be not-quite-ready by the time we were ready to eat it, so she would put the whole thing in the microwave to finish cooking and it would bubble up like a volcano.

I’ve made it myself a couple of times, and it is always just as good as I remember it. It’s rich, incredibly reach, so you have to smother it in about twenty litres of cream, or a couple of cartons of ice cream if you prefer.

The recipe from my mum says that it is best served immediately so that the sauce doesn’t get absorbed into the cake. I would disagree though. Well, not exactly disagree. I mean, when you’ve made it you should definitely dig right in (without burning yourself with the molten chocolate of course). My point is… the next day, when the cake has been sitting around for a while and the sauce has all got 7sucked up and it’s stodgy and gooey and delicious…

Be right back, finding cake.


Lady Joyful

What was your favourite food as a child? Are/were you a picky eater? 

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