Opitaan Suomea: Eläinpuisto

If you read Monday’s post you may remember me mentioning a visit we took to Orimattilan Kotieläinpuisto, which roughly translates to Orimattila‘s home animal park. In that post I also said that I was thinking of posting some of the pictures we took that day. I won’t be putting all the pictures up; I took over a hundred! I get a bit click-happy with a camera. I just love taking photos!

So I had a think, and I decided that I’d turn it into a bit of a Finnish lesson. Each of the pictures will have a caption in Finnish, plus a translation in English. Doing it was good practice for me (though of course S double checked them in case I’d made any mistakes!*) and, I hope, it may come in useful for other people who are learning Finnish. So, here goes nothing!

*If there are still mistakes, that’s my fault for asking him to check them as he was about to leave for work! 🙂

Lampaat syövät ruohoa.
The sheep eat grass.

Laama lepää auringossa.
The llama rests in the sun.

Villisika nukkuu luonaan jälkeen.
The wild boar sleeps after lunch.

Hirvellä on pitkät sarvet.
The elk has long antlers.

Aasi nauroi.
The donkey laughed.

Ja sitten se söi ruohoa.
And then it ate some grass.

Hanhella on oranssi nokka.
The goose has an orange beak.

Kalkkuna katsoo kameraan. Ehkä kalkkuna miettii jos se on malli.
The turkey watches the camera. Maybe the turkey wonders if it is a model.

Riikinkukonpoika seisoo isän vieressä.
The peacock chick stands next to its father.

Riikinkukolla on pitkä pyrstö. Pyrstö on värikäs.
The peacock has a long tail. The tail is colourful.

Riikinkukko perheellä on isä, äiti ja yksi-kaksi-kolme-neljä-viisi lasta!
The peacock family is dad, mum and one-two-three-four-five children!

Kukko toivoo että meillä on jotain ruokaa.
The cockerel hopes that we have some food.

Kana syö omenan puolikasta.
The chicken eats half an apple.

Riikinkukkokyyhky heiluttaa pyrstöään.
The peacock dove shakes its tail.

Kissanpentu tervehtii ja haistelee sormea.
The kitten says hello and sniffs the finger.

Vuohi haukottelee koska on väsynyt.
The goat yawns because it is tired.

Aurinko häikäisee vuohta.
The sun is blinding the goat.

Hevosella on pitkä nenä. Nenänsä on pehmeä ja ruskea.
The horse has a long nose. Its nose is soft and brown.

There you go! I hope you like the post. If you have any questions about Finnish (or about anything!) just ask below. If people like this I may do some other Finnish lesson posts.

Mistä eläimestä sinä tykkäät? What animal do you like?

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