Thought-Of-The-Day: December 19th

It’s amazing how tired I can be after sleeping so much.

Yesterday I had an early night because of feeling ill. Whilst I did wake up at least once in the night I slept through fairly well. I woke this morning feeling even more ill, sent a message to work confirming I wouldn’t be able to come in (I’d let them know yesterday that it was a possibility), and then I went back to sleep.

When I woke up it was about 5 hours later.

And yet I’m still really tired. Most likely due to being unwell. Even when awake I spent most of the day in bed reading. Being upright is dizzy and painful. And I just lack energy.

I really dislike being ill. Sometimes it feels like I’m constantly ill, and it’s frustrating. It doesn’t help that I’ve been conditioned to doubt my own body. I was ill a lot in my teens, and even those close to me ended up thinking I was faking. Hence even when I know I’m ill I can’t help but think maybe I’m lying to myself, because everyone has convinced me that I can’t possibly be ill when I’m ill. It ends up with me feeling extremely guilty for missing time from work, even if I’ve been told (by a nurse, for example) that I should take time the time off to recover. And that guilt doesn’t exactly help my recovery…

Anyway, enough of that. Guess I should go and get some more sleep!


Lady Joyful

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