The Joyful Souls

We are The Joyful Souls.

I am Charlotte, and occasionally accompanying me in this blogging endeavour is my husband, S.

Occasionally accompanying… try saying that after a bit too much to drink.

We live in the beautiful city of Lahti in Southern Finland. S is Finnish. I am English.

We have two cats, Elvis and Lola. Elvis is the oldest but newest of our cats, and a boy. S says that Elvis is a raccoon.  Lola is a girl, and cries almost constantly for food then doesn’t eat it. Nothing special there.

We also are foster carers for our local animal shelter, which means we have extra animals now and again.

Between the two of us a normal days activities may include studying, cycling, cooking, cat chasing, reading, cat feeding, and most likely an unnecessary amount of computer time.

We are, heaven forbid, what some may call “gamers”.

I know, I know. Grab your torches and pitchforks.

Gamers get a hard rap. We’re not as bad as people think.

But that’s for another day.

To find more information about Lady Joyful, see here.


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