Photo-A-Day: June 30th 2017

One of the parks I frequently take the boys to has a little storage shed where all the trikes, scooters, toy lorries, etc. are kept. Last week I came out of the shed, having got a little moped for Thing 1 to ride around on, and spotted this little squirrel. He can’t have been more…

Photo-A-Day: June 7th 2017

At the weekend we took a different route to walk to the shop. The way we normally go is pretty much all along a main road. The back way we took on this occasion was much greener. Whilst we were walking we spotted a couple of squirrels playing together.

Photo-A-Day: May 25th 2017

I can’t quite believe that it’s been ten days since I last did a photo post. So much for daily posting! You’d think I hadn’t had any pictures to post, but this one was taken about that long ago, and I do have a couple of others to use for the next couple of posts.

Photo-A-Day: May 10th 2017

Okay I admit, this picture is a bit grainy. I had to zoom in a fair bit with my point and click camera to photograph this little guy. Said point and click camera is notorious for focusing on exactly the wrong thing. Plus I was holding the camera in one hand and the other hand…