Photo-A-Day: May 11th 2017

When you looked at yesterday’s photo, you may have noticed how beautifully sunny it was. If you missed it, don’t worry. The cute squirrel was certainly a distraction from a weather. But it was beautiful and sunny, as I said. Check back if you don’t believe me.

Photo-A-Day: May 7th 2017

It’s getting beautifully springlike here in Finland. Or at least in our part of it. The last few days have been lovely. Warm and sunny. Flowers are starting to grow. The grass is turning greener. And buds are appearing here, there and everywhere.

Photo-A-Day: May 5th 2017

I’m not sure whether the inner part of this tree is cracking through the bark, or whether the outer bark is gradually engulfing the inner portion. Either way I thought it looked interesting, and I managed to snap a picture in the split second during which no children were visible in the frame of view. Thing…