Photo-A-Day: July 15th 2017

I had every intention of putting up photo posts whilst we were in England. I even had several photos added into posts as drafts – they just needed me to write a little something as an accompaniment, and then press the “publish” button. But I didn’t do that. I barely touched my laptop at all,…

Photo-A-Day: July 2nd 2017

This weekend is just busy busy busy! I’ve been working on getting the thank you cards finished that I’m giving as a wedding present. (The parts are all cut at least, and I’m taking them with me to assemble.) Then we met with the cat sitter, talked through all the details and gave her the…

Photo-A-Day: June 15th 2017

We’ve had a few very rainy days recently. The poor trees at the park (which I’d previously photographed) ended up losing quite a lot of the petals from their blossom in the process. As you can see in today’s picture, it ended up making what almost looks like a carpet of petals where they fell.

Photo-A-Day: June 12th 2017

I’m so pleased that my phone has a built in camera. I do try to always have my digital camera with me, but you can guarantee that if for some reason I don’t have it then some kind of photo opportunity will present itself. This picture, for example, was taken on my phone because I…

Photo-A-Day: May 11th 2017

When you looked at yesterday’s photo, you may have noticed how beautifully sunny it was. If you missed it, don’t worry. The cute squirrel was certainly a distraction from a weather. But it was beautiful and sunny, as I said. Check back if you don’t believe me.

Waiting for Winter

We’re already a good way through November and we’ve yet to have any real snow. (There was some suspiciously white precipitation a week or two ago, but it didn’t come to anything. And indeed the temperature has barely dropped below freezing. I have mixed feelings about this.