A Mini-Honeymoon

This weekend S and I finally got around to going on a honeymoon. We figured it was about time, considering we’ve now been married for a little over ten months. One of the reasons we haven’t had our honeymoon sooner is because we’d been hoping to save up to go somewhere in particular. We finally…

NaBloPoMo: Lingual Noesis

Daily Prompt November 22nd – A Bird, A Plane, A You: You get to choose one superpower. Choose one of the these and explain your choice: the ability to speak and understand any language; the ability to travel through time; or, the ability to make any two people agree with each other.

How A-Boot That

At 9 o’ clock this morning the thermometer on one side of our flat showed the temperature to be about -31C (that’s about -23.8F for anyone who uses Fahrenheit). The thermometer on the other side of the flat disagreed, and adamantly showed a temperature of nearer -22 (-7.6F). To be honest, either one is pretty cold.

Looking Forward

Happy New Year my lovely readers. I know, I’m a bit late off the mark. I’ve just returned from visiting my family over in England, so now I can get back to blogging! To start off my blogging year I’m going to talk a little bit about what to expect in 2013.

Weekly Photo Prompt: Delicate

Weekly Photo Prompt – Delicate: Share a picture that means delicate to you. I’m a bit late to the game with this one, seeing as the new prompt will be up in a couple of hours. I wasn’t sure, at first, what to post for this photo challenge. Some people think of snow as delicate, but…

NaBloPoMo: Learning From The Shadows

Today I thought I’d tell you a bit more about what it is like studying to be a nurse here in Finland. It’s quite a fitting topic of conversation, as tomorrow I will be having my first day shadowing at the same ward where I will be doing my first clinical placement.