Perfectly Free

  As someone who is frustratingly unemployed, the concept of a day off is different to me than to many other people. Depending on my frame of mind at the time if someone asked me about what I would do for a day off I would probably answer in one of the following ways:

NaBloPoMo: Killing Creativity

I read a blog post yesterday that had been written by a good friend of mine. The post was in response to the “curriculum cleansing” being put in place by Secretary of State Michael Gove. Now I’ll admit, I’ve not really been keeping up to date with the news in England lately. News here tends…

NaBloPoMo: Learning From The Shadows

Today I thought I’d tell you a bit more about what it is like studying to be a nurse here in Finland. It’s quite a fitting topic of conversation, as tomorrow I will be having my first day shadowing at the same ward where I will be doing my first clinical placement.