As I mentioned in my guest post on Katzenworld we are currently trying to raise money to move the lovely cat Sampson to live with us in Finland. If you would like to help us raise money for our goal you can use the buttons below to make a donation. Buttons have been provided in Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars for your convenience.


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US Dollars:

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The tracker below will be updated regularly to show progression towards our goal. Thank you for your donation! And if you’re curious and would like to read a breakdown of the costs involved with moving Sampson, click here to read my post about it.

Edit (8th May) – I decided to change up how the thermometer displays. It’s now showing more accurately the total cost (as discussed in my cost breakdown post), and rather than simply displaying the amount we’ve received in donations via the above buttons it is showing the amount of the cost that has been covered by these donations or by money received from other sources.