Finding The Time

I definitely seem to have given up on daily blogging here. I just don’t have the time for it. I’ll try to blog as regularly as I can though. Ideally at least once a week.

I’m working a bit now. Nannying two evenings a week for two different families, plus one or two other families as needed. In April I’ll be starting another nannying with more hours (originally discussed as being 20 hours a week but it may actually be 30.)

As well as the nannying I’m doing transcription work, when there are projects available. I’m not as fast at it as I’d like but I think I’ll get more efficient with practice. I really enjoy it actually, but unless I get much better at it the nannying pays better. Plus the nannying is a guaranteed X hours a week, whilst the transcription is just as and when it’s available.

I’m also still trying to keep up with my YouTube and blog, with design team projects etc. I’m hoping my YouTube channel will be at 1000 subscribers before the new month. I’m very close (994 when I last checked) so it looks like it could happen!

There’s not a lot else to report… Well I suppose that we’re looking for a new place to live as our rent is going up and with the issues we have with our current place we don’t think it’s worth that amount. We found one would be perfect and another that would be a good alternative, but we just don’t have the money for the down-payment at the moment so we can’t do it. Which is frustrating. But never mind.

Just have to keep on keeping on, I guess.

Until next time.


Lady Joyful

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