Busy, Busy!

Well. I thought once I got home.from my trip to England I’d do a better job of keeping up on this blog, but I haven’t posted once!

It feels like I have a million things going on. I know several people would say I’m doing too much…

I think it should get easier now though. The cat sitting I was doing has finished which frees up about three hours each day. And I just got confirmation of a work-from-home, set-your-own-hours job so I can ease up on the job hunting. Let’s see how the hours for it work out though before I decide whether to stop completely.

Still, I’m definitely keeping busy. Even as I write this I’m working on getting a video uploaded for tomorrow. I have two more to record and get edited in the next couple of days. A few more projects to make. A couple of job interviews for baby sitting gigs… Definitely not sitting idle!


Lady Joyful

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